CleverType - AI GPT Keyboard

CleverType - AI GPT Keyboard

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(0 المراجعات) أغسطس 26, 2023
CleverType - AI GPT Keyboard CleverType - AI GPT Keyboard CleverType - AI GPT Keyboard CleverType - AI GPT Keyboard CleverType - AI GPT Keyboard CleverType - AI GPT Keyboard

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أغسطس 26, 2023
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Enhance your typing experience with CleverType Keyboard - the premier AI Keyboard powered by cutting-edge GPT-4 technology like Copy AI, Writesonic and Wordtune. Boost your productivity and accuracy using our smart typing application that provides flawlessly communication. With CleverType, unlock ChatGPT-powered advanced features for writing, in addition to a wide array of smart and efficient typing solutions. Download now for free and elevate your keyboard experience with a world of advanced capabilities.
🔑 Key Features of CleverType Keyboard

🤝 ChatGPT Integration: Experience AI at your fingertips with our ChatGPT Integration on the keyboard. Utilize ChatGPT's power, an AI language model, right from your keyboard. Enjoy contextual suggestions, intelligent responses, and instant answers to your questions within your favourite app without any interruptions.

✨ Intelligent Grammar Correction: Avoid typos and grammar errors with CleverType. Utilizing advanced AI technology with ChatGPT, we auto-correct your grammar, spelling, Vocabulary enhancement and punctuation as you type, ensuring your documents convey a polished, professional tone. Moreover, use the ChatGPT powered translator to modify your corrected text into over 40 languages right from your Keyboard.

💬 Contextual word Tone: Optimize your chats with CleverType's exclusive Contextual Tone feature, powered by ChatGPT. Effortlessly convey emotions and sentiments with perfectly toned messages. Choose from an array of tones like Formal, Casual, Sarcastic, Poetic, Flirty, Gen-Z & more, to make your conversations engaging and authentic by word tune. All these features are conveniently located on your keyboard, providing a natural writing style as if you are directly communicating in person. 

🧠 AI Tasks: Over 50 tasks for AI to assist in daily activities. Simplify tasks like writing emails, Instagram captions, tweets, Facebook posts, academic assignments, essays, converting phrases to emojis, and more. Boost your productivity with our AI assistance.

🎨 Advanced Theme Customisation: Modify and customise any aspect of your keyboard theme with our comprehensive tool. Change colours, shapes, background images, go borderless or alter layouts easily. Perfect for keyboard theme lovers looking for full control and flexibility.

🌍 Translate to 30+ languages: This keyboard enables you to translate your typed text into more than 30 languages with just one click. It supports a wide array of languages including English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and 25 additional languages.

🎯 Intelligent Prediction and Smart Autocorrect: Experience personalized word predictions with CleverType keyboard; it evolves from your typing habits and saves your time and keystrokes. Boost your typing speed and efficiency with our cutting-edge NLP algorithms which analyze your typing patterns and frequently used phrases for accurate word suggestions

🌐 Multilingual Support: Communicate effectively in over 30 languages with CleverType's comprehensive multilingual support. Switch between languages seamlessly on your keyboard ensuring smooth communication across borders.

🆓 Download for Free: Access CleverType keyboard's robust features powered by ChatGPT that enhance your typing experience, free of charge. Simply need an API key from OpenAI for free.

Upgrade your typing game with CleverType's ChatGPT-powered keyboard and start typing smarter, faster, and more accurately. Download now and enhance your productivity! CleverType Now.

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