MAX - PLAYit Video Player - MX

MAX - PLAYit Video Player - MX

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MAX - PLAYit Video Player - MX MAX - PLAYit Video Player - MX MAX - PLAYit Video Player - MX MAX - PLAYit Video Player - MX MAX - PLAYit Video Player - MX MAX - PLAYit Video Player - MX

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أغسطس 26, 2023
Smart Photo Cut Profile Cover
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Pro PLAYit Video Player - MX Pro Video Player all format 2021 supportHD MX Video has lots of inbuilt functions which make your MX Video player better.
Play it - Playit Player App 2021 - 4K Video Player is a professional playback tool. You can control the playback from the app and from the notification area or from the lock-screen and watch 4k YouTube downloaded video with this app. You can also quickly search all 1080p Video and audio files easily by a quick search. It is one of the best 4k HD vide

We support more formats perfectly. All the source codes are available for free.

PLAYit Main Features:

- Various Gestures
PLAYit Video Scratch to zoom, pan-to pinch and slide the screen for easy zooming. Zoom and Pan are also available in the Options in MX pro Video;

- Video Scanning
Speedily scanning local video films. PLAYit Video Whether your video is in the SD card or the phone's memory, all can be scanned, providing intimate filtering capabilities;

- Smart and Convenient
It supports auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments and various gestures to control volume, brightness and progress at PLAYit Video & MX Pro Video ;

- Healthy Mode in Mx Pro HD Video Player
Eye Protective Mode. Keep Your Eyes Healthy;

- Real-time Sync
Each time started, the All Format support MX Pro Video Player will automatically scan a local file, synchronously update file and prompt
video file thumbnails;

- HD Display
Provide the clearest video quality. Enjoy the best visual experience;

- Privacy Protection
We will protect your files, pay attention to personal privacy protection, and let you use with assurance;

Easy to use Video Player of Mx Pro Play it video on your device.

Note: 4K Ultra HD videos only play if your device support 4k videos or the camera can make 4k videos we are working on this feature to make it work on all devices.

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